Go HILTON Review - Hilton Com Go

By Gavin | December 18, 2018

Welcome to Go HILTON

This post will show you what to do to get signed up with Go HILTON.

First ask you manager for access to 'The Lobby' team member website.

Next, your manager will reach out to IT to request your 'Lobby' access.

Once your access is granted, IT will send your manager a link for you to log in.

Note: Your password will expire every 90 days.

Once logged-in select: My Links Go HILTON Enroll in Team Member HILTON Honors

Here you will have an option to SIGN UP or log into an existing HH account.

Ask friends & Family to join HILTON Honors by visiting hiltonhonors.com/join

Add your Friends & Family to your GO HILTON dashboard on 'The Lobby' HH page.

Note: Visit Hilton.com/go to start making reservations!

Enter your new Hilton Honors number & password.

Start searching and reserving available rooms!

Contact your HR department with any questions by calling 602-942-7890 or by texting 480-210-9647.